Preserving Staff History in the Archives: The Homewood Facilities Operations Staff Yearbook

Behind the Scenes

The Ferdinand Hamburger University Archives collects, preserves, and provides access to Hopkins history. Historically, we have prioritized relationships with key offices that carry out certain mission-critical functions: Office of the President, the Provost, the Registrar’s office, and so forth. As a result, the administration’s perspective has dominated the story of Hopkins. This is an important […]

Gallery of Majors

Coffeemaker Cropped

Ah, majors!  Tell someone you’re a student and what’s the first question they ask? Exactly. During your time as a blue jay, you encircle yourself with all the requirements of your major – from prerequisites to provisions. You may feel a little like the characters in Nicolas de Larmessin’s Costumes Grotesques, bedecked with the tools […]

No-Contact Pickup of Library Materials is as easy as 1-2-3

Book Pickup

It’s now easier than ever to request and pickup library materials from the Milton S. Eisenhower Library with the launch of an online registration tool to schedule a pickup time slot. Request items for pickup at MSE Library in the library catalog using your JHED ID and password. Receive a notification email your items are […]

A Place for Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Publications


JHU COVID-19 Publications is a collection in JScholarship, our institutional repository, that provides a space for faculty to deposit their work that is related to COVID-19.  At first this was envisioned as a subset of the peer-reviewed journal articles faculty make openly available to support the Johns Hopkins Open Access Policy. It became immediately apparent […]

Course Materials: Open Textbooks and Library Resources

Fall classes are guaranteed to be unusual. Some courses will be online only; some courses will use a hybrid format. To ensure equal access for all students, you will need to use online textbooks and reading materials. When thinking about textbooks for your students, consider open textbooks. These Open Educational Resources (OER) provide reviewed, edited […]

JHU Class of 2024: Apply to Be a Freshman Fellow!

Freshman Fellow

Special Collections is accepting applications for Freshman Fellows, a one-year fellowship exclusively available to members of the JHU Class of 2024! The program is designed to introduce students to the joys, challenges, and thrills involved in conducting research with primary sources. Limited to just four undergraduates, Freshman Fellows provides its scholars with support by pairing […]