Happy St. Crispin’s Day!

Anyone who has watched a stage or film version of Henry V (such as the 1944 Olivier version, infused with echoes of World War II, or the critically acclaimed 1990 Kenneth Branagh version) will remember Henry’s inspiring speech to his troops just before he leads them into the Battle of Agincourt. But when he gets […]

A Celebration of New Year’s Celebrations

When the crowds gather at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor on the evening of December 31, and the live music begins playing, and the fireworks bring the night sky to vivid life, we’ll be participating in one of the most longstanding rituals that mankind has yet devised: celebrating the arrival of another new year. In observing that […]

The Best Health Care Business Blogs & Newsletters

There’s no doubt about it. The JHU libraries provide you with an impressive collection of print and e-resources for researching all aspects of health care from a business perspective–tops among which is our Business Research Guide. But sometimes you want something different: immersion into the real world environment, a connection to current conversations, a piece […]

Mergent Databases (Part II)

In a previous post, we told you about searching Mergent Archives for company annual reports. Since then our Mergent offerings have expanded significantly. Here’s a list of everything Mergent that you can access through the Sheridan Libraries website, either via the Business Research Guide or the “Jump to a Database” feature on the library’s home […]

Company Histories: Heroes & Happy Endings

Many of us have been entertained in recent years by newspaper and television reports, books, and even biopics about how clever e-entrepreneurs such as Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook and Steve Jobs with Apple built companies that ultimately changed the course of our lives. Yet this phenomenon is not new. Since the rise of the corporation […]

Introducing Mergent Archives, A Historical Annual Report Database

Many of you already make excellent use of the Sheridan Libraries’ subscriptions to Mergent’s online databases for researching hard-to-find information such as: Current and recent historical information on public and private businesses and industries (Mergent Online) Detailed listings of corporate and municipal bonds (Mergent Bond Viewer) Actual page views of Moody’s corporate and municipal organization […]

Exciting Developments at Johns Hopkins’ Carey Business School

The Carey Business School has never stopped growing and evolving since it was established in 2007 with a $50 million gift from Trustee Emeritus William Polk Carey—and recent developments at the school are as significant as anything that has happened in the past five years. First and foremost, on May 29 Johns Hopkins University announced […]


Living in a big city like Baltimore has its rewards, especially when it comes to the fabulous diversity of opportunities to eat, drink, and be entertained. Baltimore’s annual season of ethnic festivals is a great example of our city’s energy. The next ethnic festival to come our way this summer is LatinoFest, Saturday, June 23 […]