In a previous post, we told you about searching Mergent Archives for company annual reports. Since then our Mergent offerings have expanded significantly. Here’s a list of everything Mergent that you can access through the Sheridan Libraries website, either via the Business Research Guide or the “Jump to a Database” feature on the library’s home page.

Mergent Online is an extensive database of everything you need to know about publicly-traded and privately-held companies from around the world–financial performance, history, competition, and much more. Recently added to this resource are:

  • Equity pricing information on international companies
  • An enhanced inventory of privately-held companies
  • An “Economics” tab for charting economic indicators for the U.S. and several other industrialized countries.
  • In the near future Mergent plans to add more detailed corporate hierarchy information; in the meantime, that information can be found in the D & B Million Dollar Database.

Mergent Horizon is a brand new addition to our online resources. Like Mergent Online, it is a company directory, but with a different emphasis. With Mergent Horizon, you can search for companies using very refined, targeted industry definitions (such as “energy drinks”)–then map out the customer, supplier, and partner interrelationships among companies.

Key Business Ratios (current data) is another new online resource that was previously available at JHU only in printed format. This database allows you to analyze types of financial ratios by company, industry, or even type of product. You can find out, for example, whether Under Armour is as profitable as other sports gear manufacturers, then export and map your findings.

Mergent Archives may be the most fascinating resource of all with its deep historical perspective and its views of the actual pages of materials as much as 150 years old. In addition to the Annual Reports Archive, it now also contains:

  • Moody’s/Mergent Manuals: Formerly only available to us in print, these have been a business community mainstay for over 100 years. It is a directory of company and municipality profiles dating back to 1909. Want to know how General Electric was doing in 1932? This is the place to find out. [This content was formerly available in Mergent WebReports, which has been removed from our inventory of databases.]
  • A searchable database of past editions of Key Business Ratios (see above) going back to 1979.

When it comes to company research — if you can’t find it in Mergent databases, then it probably doesn’t exist.

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