Living in a big city like Baltimore has its rewards, especially when it comes to the fabulous diversity of opportunities to eat, drink, and be entertained. Baltimore’s annual season of ethnic festivals is a great example of our city’s energy.

The next ethnic festival to come our way this summer is LatinoFest, Saturday, June 23 and Sunday, June 24 in Patterson Park (details, hours, and directions at the festival’s website). The event promises to be a fun-filled weekend celebrating Hispanic culture and creativity. There will be live musical performances, costumed dancers, and traditional foods. What better way could there be to spend a summer weekend?

While a day at the festival is guaranteed to whet your appetite for all things Latino, there’s a lot more to Latino culture than even the festival can offer. So why not dig a little deeper and take advantage of the Sheridan Libraries’ wealth of resources while you’re at it? In Catalyst, our online catalog you’ll unearth plenty to keep you glued to your chair, in English and Spanish, on every imaginable aspect of Latino culture. For extensive resources covering history, politics, and much more, visit our Latin American Studies Research Guide.

Return to Catalyst forbooks about Latino churches and comic books, the Latino experience in the U.S., and Latinas as depicted in Hollywood films.

If your interests lie in the performing arts, we have a wealth of materials on art, music (including some fantastic recordings), film (including a number of excellent movies in our Audio-Visual collection), and drama (check out our collection of online scripts)–all from a Latino perspective.

Celebrate one of the world’s great cultures in the open air of Patterson Park at LatinoFest, then feed your mind on the library’s extensive Latino resources.

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