Whether you are a recent arrival in our fair city or born-and-raised, Baltimore has some beautiful scenery waiting for you! From stunning murals to historic landmarks, Baltimore has plenty of picturesque locations to explore. We know that you need to update the ‘Gram to show people how you’re living, so you may as well get out, explore, and show them some of the best that Baltimore has to offer!

Museums & Libraries

  1. The George Peabody Library: You already know that we’re going to top the list with the Peabody Library! As part of our library family, the Peabody Library is near and dear to our hearts. That being said, it is magnificent inside and out and is widely considered one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. Grab a map here.
  2. Baltimore Museum of Art: Besides the artwork itself, the BMA has some beautiful locales for a photo. In particular, check out the building’s façade, Fox Court, and the sculpture garden! Bonus points for being within walking distance of the Homewood Campus. Not on campus? Grab a map here.
  3. Walters Art Museum: Much like the BMA, Walters is home to countless treasures (well, it’s over 36,000) but is also full of beautiful architecture. Grab a map here.

Parks and Gardens

  1. Sherwood Gardens is a garden space best known for its 50,000 tulips and is also home to beautiful native plants, rare trees, and more. Grab a map here.
  2. Patterson Park is a beautiful sprawling park but is perhaps best known for its Observatory. Popularly known as the Pagoda, the Observatory was built in 1890 and intended to reflect Victorian design. Grab a map here.
  3. Rawlings Conservatory and Botanic Gardens isn’t just a beautiful garden. In addition to representing 5 distinct ecosystems, it is also the second-oldest public steel and glass conservatory in America. Grab a map here.
  4. Federal Hill Park has been home to numerous historic events beginning in 1608 and continuing through the War of 1812 and the Civil War. In addition to its historical appeal, Federal Hill Park also offers beautiful views of the city and Inner Harbor. Grab a map here.
  5. Pierces Park is a modern park complete with the nature you expect but it brings a quirky twist to the park with a musical fence and whimsical sculpture. Grab a map here.
  6. Cylburn Arboretum is difficult to describe due to the scope of its offerings. It is 200 acres of native plants and wildlife but also offers nature education sites, a historic mansion, trails, and serenity. Grab a map here.

Around the City

  1. Murals: Baltimore is full of beautiful murals. Going out and finding as many as possible is an activity in its own right! So grab this map and go hunting!
  2. Grafitti Warehouse and Alley: For those of you who appreciate street art or if you just like a colorful photo, hit up Grafitti Alley – a spot where Grafitti is legal and arts are encouraged to share their work out in the open. Grab a map here.
  3. Domino Sugar Sign: Few Baltimore sights are as iconic as the Domino Sugar sign. There are spots all around the harbor that can give you a great perspective from which to grab a shot for your Insta. So head down to the Inner Harbor and see what you can see. Grab a map (to the harbor) here.
  4. Billy Holiday Statue: While you’re out, swing by the corner of Pennsylvania Ave. and W. Lafayette Street to pay homage to Baltimore’s own, Billie Holiday, one of the greatest jazz and swing vocalists of all time. Grab a map here.
  5. Kimpton Hotel Monaco Baltimore: You don’t need to stay at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco to appreciate its beauty. From its façade on the outside to the beautiful entryway and restaurants it is both beautiful and elegant. But this spot is more than just a looker, the Kimpton Hotel Monaco was built in 1906 as the home to the headquarters of B&O Railroad, America’s oldest railroad. Grab a map here.
  6. Washington Monument and Mt. Vernon Place: Not only does Baltimore have the original Washington Monument but we’ve tucked it away in the beautiful neighborhood of Mt. Vernon Place. Mt Vernon Place is a stunning part of Baltimore, replete with classic architecture and beautiful cherry and magnolia blossoms in the springtime. Just a stroll through the neighborhood should give you plenty of Insta-worthy moments. But, if you need a specific spot to see, check out the United Methodist Church with its dramatic spires and grand red doors. Grab a map here.
  7. The Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower: The Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower provides one of the most unique visual feasts in the city. The building, previously known as the Emerson Building, was built in 1911 as home to the Emerson Drug Company, producer of the popular pain and indigestion remedy, Bromo Seltzer. Today, however, the tower has been converted into studio spaces for artists. The building hosts public access weekends each Saturday, at which point visitors are also able to climb to the top of the building and to the inside of its massive clock. There is also a museum of historic glass and bottles on the 15th floor. Grab a map here.
  8. The Bus Sign: Sometimes you don’t need historical value to take a fun picture. Check out the world’s most obvious bus stop at the corner of Southeast Avenue in Highlandtown, near the Cultural Alliance theater. Grab a map here.
  9. Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse: Another cool and historic spot is the Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse (although it is just one of a number of lighthouses in Baltimore). Built in 1855, this lighthouse was placed on Seven Foot Knoll at the mouth of the Patapsco River in the Chesapeake Bay. It has since been moved to Pier 5 in the Inner Harbor to join the Historic Ships in Baltimore Museum. Grab a map here.
  10. Top of the World Observation Level: The World Trade Center, Baltimore is home to the “Top of the World” Observation Level. As you might guess from the name, this is a great spot to see breathtaking panoramic views of the city. Grab a map here.

Want to learn more about our city, its history, culture, and people? Check out our research guide covering all things Baltimore. The links for Architecture, Maps, and Neighborhoods can help you find some more beautiful and historic gems around the city.

There are so many great spots that couldn’t be covered here, so get out there and explore our great city! Let us know what you find!