Wishing You Happy Holidays!

This year, three of the world’s most prominent religions welcome Spring by celebrating their faiths. While Passover and Easter are always celebrated in Springtime, the alignment of these holidays with […]

Where Are the Comics?!

Until fairly recently, the presence of comic books and graphic novels in the world of academia would be debated. However, the place of comic books and graphic novels in academia […]

World Cup Time!

TRIVIA TIME! (answers below this post) Where was the term “soccer” created?  How many teams have won the world cup?  What is the U.S’ highest ever finish? 2022 sees the […]

Happy Spooky Season!

Greetings, Foolish Mortals! Whether you want to study or relax, we’ve got more magic, monsters, murders, and mysteries than you could shake your witch’s broom at. So drag your body […]