We, librarians, are fortunate that we get to meet a lot of incoming Hopkins students. We often request that they give us their “burning questions” — about Baltimore, Hopkins, the library, life, and love, etc. We’ve curated some of their questions and their answers into a series of blog posts that we hope will address some “burning questions” of your own.

Q: How do we access plays/shows in Baltimore as Hopkins students?

So you’re needing a night out? Whether it’s a break from studies, a date night with someone special, or a way to experience a new city, Baltimore has a vibrant arts scene with offerings that will enrich your time at Hopkins. Whatever your interest is, you’ll be able to find it in Baltimore. Allow us to walk you through some of the great options our city has to offer.

Looking for a night at the theater? Baltimore offers a lot of theater experiences at all types of price ranges. Shows cover everything from classics to local playwrights. Many of these theaters use local talent, so you can even get involved if you like. Use the links below to see the schedules of Baltimore’s various theaters and get tickets.

We’ve also got no shortage of fantastic music and concerts. Whether you are looking for a night at the symphony or at a punk rock dive bar, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at their offerings using the links below.

While sports don’t directly address the burning question at hand, it seems appropriate to highlight them while discussing student tickets. We have access to top notch sports in the form of the Orioles, Ravens, Preakness Stakes, and more! Check them out here.

Let us know if we missed anything! We’ll see you out there!