You know you can count on the Sheridan Libraries to provide you with the books, journals, patents, standards, newspapers, music, films, maps, and government documents you need to do your research and classwork.

You know we answer questions, provide instruction, and offer study space.

We sound pretty serious, don’t we?

We do have a lighter side – just like you (well, most of you). Here are the spaces where we let our hair down.

Twitter: We share interesting news stories, tweet about the library, and answer questions.

Facebook: We really like cats, Hopkins trivia, and pictures of all sorts of books. And we’ll answer questions here, too. (We’re librarians, we can’t help the question-answering thing.)

Flickr: The photostream of our Rare Books, Manuscripts, and Archives has photos you won’t find anywhere else. Elephant tricks! The Hopkins president’s office ca. 1890! Tom the creepy cat! You could use the comment field to ask a question.

Tumblr: The George Peabody Library’s Wunderkammer has it all! Fallen Ladies! A French Trojan horse? And we’ll answer your questions! (Again. Still.)

YouTube: You could ask a question in the comments area. We hope the videos answer your questions, since most of them are about how to use library resources like Catalyst. Hmm.. this isn’t as much fun as the Wunderkammer.

Blog: You’re already reading the blog. Thanks! While we talk about serious things like library resources, we do have some fun. We’ve posted about campy movies, chocolate, and Camelot. And yes, we answer questions here, too!

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