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#3. How do I get a library carrel?

That’s a tough one, my friend. The library is actually not in charge of doling carrels out to students. Academic departments have control over those pieces of prime MSEL real estate.

Here’s the skinny:

At the beginning of each semester, academic departments send MSEL Support Services a list of the names of graduate students assigned to carrel lockers.

Those lucky, chosen few then scurry down to the Support Services office on A Level of MSEL, pay a $5.00 refundable key deposit, then pick up their carrel key. That’s it. We only wish there could be more carrels out there for y’all to use.

One thought on “5 Frequently Asked Library Questions … #3

  1. What is going on with the cage? Are you removing carrels?

    Leigh Anne responds …

    Thanks for the question. The cage on the south side of D Level is a new addition. MSEL agreed to house a small number of personal books for professors who will be displaced when renovations on Gilman Hall begin. Unfortunately, about 20 carrels have been temporarily removed to make space for those books. Hopefully, the Gilman renovation won’t take too long and those carrels will be returned in no time. Cross your fingers.

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