It’s National Library Week!  Here’s a selection of ways to celebrate:

Consult with a subject specialist librarian about a project you’re working on.

laptop  Use your laptop to read or print articles on reserve for your class.

Check out “The Sopranos” on DVD.  discs

Read a book printed in 1492 in Special Collections.

Have materials delivered to your campus office or emailed to you.

Borrow books and articles from other libraries around the world. world

Work on your class project in a group study room.


        Read the latest Patricia Cornwell in the McNaughton Collection of popular fiction and non-fiction on M-Level.

           Search the full text and images of the New York Times and other newspapers back to their first issues.

Get a double tall iced mocha.     mocha

caffeine      Find out the chemical structure of caffeine.

Use mapping software to create custom designed maps of demographic or other data.

Learn about the university’s history in the Archives.       books

Search for patents.

Find career resources or information on a company for an upcoming job interview.

newspaper   Read a newspaper from your hometown or country.

Want to know more?  Just ask us!

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