Here are some questions that we’ve heard recently — maybe you’ve wondered about them, too:

Q. What’s that chiming sound that goes off sometimes?
That’s the Support Services Department asking its staff member on a particular floor to please call in.

Q. Why are those rooms around the walls of the lower floors locked?
Because they’re faculty studies. The group study rooms are never locked.

Q. Can we really look online to find empty group study rooms in real time?
A. For A and B levels, yes. On our Group Study Rooms page, the link will take you to a floor plan of A or B level, with the rooms in color – green for empty, red for occupied, and purple for “nobody’s moved for a while so it might be free.”

Q. I know that there are problems/solutions manuals online, but I don’t know how to find them.
A. Go to any of the Research Guides for hard sciences or engineering (e.g., Chem, Physics, Comp Sci, Engineering) and choose the tab that says “Problems and Solutions.”

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