Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Libraries has several open access agreements with publishers to make it easier for our researchers and authors to publish more openly without fees.

Learn more about the different kinds of arrangements below by signing up for the Scholarly Communication series offered by our colleagues at the Welch Medical Library.  Also check out our Scholarly Communications guide for details on other journal discounts.

Open Access Pilot with Wiley

Part of the subscription fee we paid Wiley to read their journals is diverted to cover JHU researchers’ article processing charges (APCs), which averaged about $4,000 per article last year. Articles must meet the following criteria:

  • A JHU researcher listed in JHED must be listed as the corresponding author
  • The article must be a research or review paper
  • The article must be accepted by a hybrid Wiley journal after January 1, 2022

*Funds subject to availability and were exhausted in less than 6 months last year.

Community Action Publishing Program with PLOS

JHU Libraries has added PLOS Global Public Health to its list of PLOS titles in its PLOS Community Action Publishing (CAP) program. Any JHU corresponding author with an article accepted by PLOS MedicinePLOS Biology or PLOS Global Public Health can publish in these journals without paying an APC. This program also extends 25% discounts to corresponding authors from other institutions for papers where you are a co-author. This model allows PLOS to grow its corpus of APC-free journals.

Read and Publish (RAP) Deal with Cambridge University Press

JHU corresponding authors can now choose to publish open access in Cambridge University Press journals without fees. The agreement includes access to CUP journals through an RAP arrangement that covers JHU researcher APCs in fully open access or hybrid open access journals.

JHU authors must opt-in to open access upon article submission to take advantage of this deal. Authors can also retroactively ensure articles are open access if not selected initially (2022 articles only).

Open Access Monographs with TOME

Consider making your next monograph openly available by taking advantage of JHU’s TOME Monograph Subvention Grants (only 1 grant left before July 2022). See the TOME Monograph Subvention Grants page for more details and eligibility requirements if interested.

For questions about Open Access Publishing through Johns Hopkins Libraries’ agreements contact Caitlin Carter (

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