If you’re wondering how many Open Access journals are available, the Directory of Open Access Journals has an answer. On October 11th, there were 5,509 Open Access journals available. According to the DOAJ website, these are “free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals.” Heather Morrison over at the Imaginary Journal of Poetic Economics blog describes the recent growth of open access.

Do Hopkins researchers publish in OA journals? You bet they do! Here are some numbers.

  • Hindawi Publishing – 74 articles by 131 JHU authors. 57 of their editors and 117 of their reviewers are also from Hopkins.
  • PLoS – 191 articles, almost all from JHMI authors. In August, 2009, there were only 100.
  • BioMed Central – 746 articles with a search for “Johns Hopkins” in the author affiliation field. BMC also provides an institution page.
  • PubMed Central – 14,494 articles with the search “Johns Hopkins”[Affiliation].

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