OAPFslide2Back in October, 2012, during Open Access Week, the Scholarly Communications Group announced an initiative to help JHU authors publish their articles in Open Access journals. It’s Open Access Week 2013 and time to report on our progress.



47 JHU authors have received money from the JH Libraries Open Access Promotion Fund. It’s no surprise that SoM researchers have used the OAPF most frequently, since the NIH mandates public access as part of their funding requirements.




JHU faculty, staff, students, and post-docs have published in OA journals and received reimbursement from the OAPF. Even though we lump graduate and undergraduate students together in our stats, we have reimbursed one undergraduate student.




Where do these JHU researchers publish? In many different OA journals. But the top publishers are PLoS, BioMed Central, and Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. PLoS ONE is the top journal.



fundsleft2013If you publish in a fully Open Access journal that requires you, the author, to pay, then we can reimburse you. It’s very easy. The guidelines and link to the form are here. So far we’ve reimbursed $40,754. We haven’t emptied our account yet; please apply!

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