The Open Source Programs Office is delighted to announce the launch of the Open Source Catalog, a dynamic hub showcasing open-source software projects across the university.

The catalog includes a diverse collection of open-source projects spanning various disciplines – from archival management systems and image servers to economic and medical data analysis tools. Users can follow links to project websites and code repositories, or sort and filter the list by department, project status, license, and more.

Explore the catalog to discover inspiring applications, find projects to contribute coding expertise, and stay informed about the latest open-source initiatives at JHU.

Want to see your project on the map? We encourage everyone at Hopkins participating in open source development and community building to submit their open-source projects to the catalog! Our easy-to-use web form allows you to quickly share details about your project, making it discoverable by the entire community.

Get involved!

Let’s showcase the power of open source at Johns Hopkins!