The Johns Hopkins University Open Source Programs Office (OSPO) is excited to announce the launch of our new Explainer series, a collection of bite-sized videos tackling a variety of open-source essentials. 

Open-source software can serve as a catalyst for research transparency and innovation, but it can also seem complex and daunting, especially for those new to the concepts or without a technical background. The OSPO’s Explainers break down key topics into short easy-to-understand videos to help Hopkins faculty, staff, and students build their open-source knowledge. 

We’re planning to release new videos monthly – look out this summer for “What is an Open Source License,” “README Basics,” and “Citing Research Software.” 

To start off the series, the first Explainer video answers the question – What is Open Source Software? We talk about the definition of the term open source and the reasons why you may choose to use or contribute to open-source software. We also point to free resources for deeper learning. 

Have an idea for an Explainer? We’d love to hear it! Please reach out to

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