Hi again. The year has turned and it’s time to talk about Open Access again.

Last year, Johns Hopkins faculty and administrators implemented the Johns Hopkins Open Access Policy, which asks faculty to make peer-reviewed journal articles for which they are the sole or corresponding author, openly available. Many faculty did so before we had a policy and continue to do so, as part of their contributions to society.

The question that usually follows this type of statement is “So, how many Hopkins articles ARE openly available?” There isn’t one data source that will definitively tell us how many articles are authored by Hopkins faculty and how many of those are Open Access. But to get a sense of Hopkins’ open publishing activity, I’ve pulled some data from InCites, a data tool from Clarivate Analytics to which the Hopkins Libraries subscribe.

The graph below shows the total number of  Hopkins-authored documents, the number that are Open Access, and the percentage of total documents that are Open Access. The graph includes:

  • Only data from InCites – so it isn’t comprehensive, consider it a ballpark figure
  • Publication years 2014 – 2018
  • Articles, reviews, and proceedings papers
  • At least one author from Johns Hopkins

Graph showing Hopkins total and OA articles