Earlier this month, Johns Hopkins University became a participating institution in the open access pilot agreement between NERL—a consortium of America’s leading research institutions, including Hopkins—and Elsevier. The university is one of 13 NERL members participating in this novel agreement with Elsevier, a global leader in research publishing and information analytics.

The three-year agreement provides participating institutions continuing access to the full suite of Elsevier’s journals (1995 to present) and offers retroaction open access for articles authored at participating institutions. In short, Hopkins-authored content from 1986 to 2000 is now open to everyone.

For years now, Johns Hopkins’ libraries have been guided by a commitment to collaborative initiatives that improve and expand access. The NERL-Elsevier deal is our latest action in this area.

“We are very excited to part of this groundbreaking agreement,” said Liz Mengel, associate dean for collections and academic services at the Sheridan Libraries. “As a long-standing NERL member, we understand the power of libraries and publishers working together to disseminate Hopkins scholarship more widely and free of charge whenever possible. This agreement moves us a step closer to seeing the paywall crumble just a bit and bringing knowledge to the world.”

Check out the full news release for additional information on the NERL-Elsevier agreement, including additional commentary and a list of participating institutions.

For more information on open access publishing, contact your academic liaison librarian or email asklib@jhu.edu.