“Wait. What? Dirty books? Didn’t you guys just clean the Peabody Library already?”

dirtybooksNo, not those kinds of dirty books, silly! We’re talking books that could make you blush, sigh, or long for what could have been if you’d only written down that blasted number properly. That’s right, for one night only we’re bringing to the lovelorn and beloved alike a rare books extravaganza curated by Cupid himself!

Laugh at hilarious erotica from the 18th century, get a sugar rush from the sweetness of Victorian declarations of love, and for those of you who are like “Valentine’s Day, BLARGH,” you can take glee, sinister glee, in depictions of cherubs being eaten by crocodiles! Plus, you can make your own vintage Valentine or anti-Valentine!

Where shall such merriment occur? Why, in Special Collections of the Brody Learning Commons, of course! Stop by Wednesday, February 11 from 6-8:30pm to view favorite books straight from Venus’ library and craft your own declarations of love!

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