Bring on the fainting couches, ladies and gents, because it’s time once more for a Special Collections Valentine’s library treat — Dirty Books and Longing Looks! Remember all the fun we had last yearOh yeah!

This year we will have a mixture of old favorites and “new” old materials ranging from the sassy to the raunchy to the sweet. Plus, you will receive oodles of guidance in the ways of love. Are you sick of the brazenly hussy ways of your Victorian sister? Then learn to master the fine art of passive-aggressive disapproval with Frost’s Letter Writer. Do you wish to receive a lock of your lover’s hair but know not how to do so without sounding like a creeper? Once again let Frost be your guide!

But wait, there’s more! We totally heart our library users and want to make you love the library even more than you do now. After you have had your fill of sweet cupids and Freudian illustrations, fill out a form and tell us what you love the most about the library. If you arrive early enough, you might just receive a bookmark featuring a blushing flapper and a coupon for free candy to boot!

So where’s this extravaganza going to occur? May Venus direct you on February 14th to M-Level near the Circ desk. We’ll be on duty from 11am-2pm and again from 5pm-8pm. Can’t make it? We’ll miss you, we really and truly will! At the very least, enjoy some love-themed highlights from Special Collections here. And then maybe come on over and see us sometime!

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