Want to meet “The Great Lover Casanova of Today?” Heck, yeah! Not only does he get amorous with the ghost of the Empress Joséphine, but he also sports some rather, um, whimsical ink. Well, meet him and many more enticing materials in Special Collections at this year’s  rare materials spectacle, Dirty Books & Longing Looks!

That’s right! The library’s premiere event showcasing the sordid, the saucy, and the sweet in Special Collections is back once more to answer all the questions you have about the art of love, but never bothered to ask: “What about Napoleon’s penchant for chasing lithesome young ladies?” “How can I make my complexion glow like that of a nun’s?” “What’s the appropriate ancient French dandy reaction to adultery?” “Is it possible to totally rock a head covered in flowers without looking like a Woodstock reject?”

Whether you spend too much time frivolling in the stairways of the BLC, reveling in love gone wrong, or worrying that your paramour loves you less than a lump of sugar, there’s bound to be something to make your heart flutter! So why not hop into Cupid’s lovemobile and join us this evening in the Special Collections Reading Room, M-Level, BLC from 6:30-8:30?

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