Well, not really. You see, the lemon sticks are supposed to be consumed before you look at the rare books, silly! Anyway, are you looking for some weekend plans that will make you feel all fancy, just like an extra in Downton Abbey? Well, grab your monocles and best Dowager Countess impersonation, and head over to the historic George Peabody Library for FlowerMart 2012! We’ll be welcoming the public on Friday, May 4 and Saturday, May 5 from 11am-6pm. From lovely rare botanical books on display to fun children’s activities, our FlowerMart celebration is guaranteed to float your boat!

But wait, there’s  more! The Peabody Institute will also be hosting some lovely events, including a birthday party (everyone knows that birthday cake and lemon sticks make for a refreshing springtime lunch) for composer and classical guitarist Agustín Pío Barrios Mangoré on Saturday from 12-2, special archives displays, and tours. Plus, the theme of FlowerMart 2012 is “Blossoming Civility.” Seriously, why would you not want to help to blossom civility in Baltimore?

Still need to be convinced? Well, check out all the fun we had last year. We hope to see you this weekend!



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