vdayGrab some smelling salts, reupholster those fainting couches, and get ready for a major attack of the vapors because it’s once again time for Dirty Books and Longing Looks! Yes, the library’s premiere venue for lessons in love, courtesy of our rare books collections, is once again here to make hearts flutter and monocles pop.

In addition to exploring the mysteries of the heart and learning about the murderous ways of baby-faced cupids, you can also make your very own vintage Valentine featuring images both saucy and sweet from Special Collections resources. It’s also a great excuse for the prudish. “Did I see you at Dirty Books and Longing Looks last night,” inquires a stern RA. “Why, yes. But I was only there to make my mother a Valentine. Isn’t pretty,” responds the clever freshman.

Want to attend? Of course you do! Then following all the blushing faces to the Special Collections Reading Room on Wednesday, February 12th from 6:30pm-8:30pm.

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