Baltimore! It’s the land of pleasant living! And what’s more pleasant than spending a lovely Saturday perusing flowers, eating deliciously sugary lemon sticks, and tiptoeing through the tulips with your friends? That’s right, all ye denizens of Baltimore, FlowerMart is occurring this Friday and Saturday, May 2nd and 3rd, in Mount Vernon Square, and the George Peabody Library and the Peabody Institute are hosting a variety of free events both fun and enlightening in honor of this esteemed Baltimore tradition.

There will certainly be moments of whimsy, daring displays of creativity, and wonderful botanical discoveries to be had by all! Even if flowers aren’t your thing, stop by the Peabody Library on Saturday between noon and 5pm and view our exhibition of photographs by Sheridan Libraries photography interns John Belanger and Eric Chen. Does photography make you yawn more than flowers? Then attend a recital by Conservatory students! Enough build up, right?  Well, here’s our schedule! It’s jam-packed with events finer than the finest of strawberries.

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