If you did not get the chance to sign up for our intersession course, “Introduction to Library Research,” co-taught by Chella Vaidyanathan and Yunshan Ye, hear what the students who did have to say about the course upon finishing the two-week session:

  • “I would definitely recommend this course to my friends! I enjoyed the lectures and hands-on activities and assignments. The lecturers genuinely care about the material taught, and this helped make the course enjoyable. I can now say I know much more about utilizing sources to aid in my research and future assignments.”
  • “This course provides useful knowledge for students of all majors.”
  • “I felt that the course really helped to streamline the research process. I would certainly recommend the course to people in the Humanities, and more specifically, Political Science.”
  • “This is a key crash course for Humanities undergrads. The earlier you learn these skills the better.”

If these comments pique your interest and you start to regret missing the opportunity, all is not lost! Our library offers many other opportunities for you to hone your research skills. For example, you can sign up for one of our Spring workshops on a variety of research related topics, or make an appointment with the liaison librarian for your department for a quick review of research resources and skills specific to your discipline. If you prefer to learn on your own, we have compiled research guides for every subject field taught on the campus. Follow the instructions on those guides and you will be on the right track!

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