They are elements that are a part of various hands-on practice and discussions designed to help you strengthen your research skills during Intersession (register by December 14th if you’re interested). Whether mixing up social media & George Peabody Library collections; learning more about special collections; or how to strengthen research library research skills there is something for you:

Introduction to the George Peabody Library
, Instructor Heidi Herr
In this course, students will learn about the history of the George Peabody Library and its collections (some already viewable on Flickr), utilizing social media such as Youtube and Flickr to create an online cultural platform for the library. Students will receive an introduction to special collections research and will work extensively with rare materials. All classes will take place at the George Peabody Library.

Introduction to Library Research, Instructors Chella Vaidyanathan & Yuanshan Ye
Want to learn how to use the library like a scholar? If so, this class is for you! This course provides an introduction to research in the humanities and social sciences disciplines. Students will gain a good understanding of the print and electronic resources available through the Sheridan Libraries. They will learn how to search and locate information efficiently using relevant databases, how to conduct effective literature review, how to critically evaluate information and follow scholarly conventions in documenting sources in the humanities and social sciences and develop more effective research skills.

Introduction to Special Collections, Instructor Chella Vaidyanathan
This course offers an introduction to research in Special Collections. Particularly, the class will focus on primary sources available for the First World War. Students will be introduced to a variety of primary source materials such as personal correspondence, posters, caricatures, newspaper clippings, etc. They will learn how to use primary sources effectively and work in a group to create a digital scrapbook on a topic of their choice.

Landscape of Scientific Information, Instructors Susan Payne & Robin Sinn
Through interactive sessions and exercises, students will gain hands-on practice in library research techniques designed for the sciences. Because there is an ever increasing amount of data and scholarly research available, having improved search techniques and evaluation skills will help you as you search for information for projects, course work, and everyday life. We’ll give you tools and tips that will let you evaluate resources, identify outliers, and feel confident about the information you use in your coursework and everyday life.

Need help now?
Do you have a paper or project looming and don’t know where to start? Please feel free to contact your librarian or check out the Sheridan Libraries Research Guides where you can find information on a variety of topics including proper citation and evaluating materials found on the Internet.

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