She said/he said: great quotes from books

Being a librarian, it might seem ironic that I have very little time for leisure reading. When I do find the time, I usually read on a kindle or from books checked out from my local public library. I either jot down quotes I like or highlight them on my Kindle. Here are some favorite […]

Top 5 Ways Libraries & Librarians Can Help You

“Libraries are repositories of books, music and documents, but above all of nostalgia: the musty stacks, the unexpected finds, the safety and pleasure of a place that welcomes and shelters unconditionally.” – Washington Post Guilty library confession: I use Google multiple times per day. I also use it during reference searches…why? Because it’s immediate; because full-text […]

What is THE best citation tool?

One very common question that comes up, from both students and researchers, is: “What is the best citation tool for doing X?” It’s an excellent question because every year another slew of citation management tools, apps, and software materialize. Often each new app or tool offers a new twist, but basically they help you organize […]

Privacy Rights: What We Click Away

Recently I had to give up my personal Facebook archive. It’s a long and boring story, but something I never expected to be asked to do and it felt wrong…maybe a tiny bit icky. It got me thinking more about privacy and the places we store information online. While you might not realize it, librarians […]

Libraries and Happy Discoveries

Julia Weist, a Brooklyn-based artist, has posted a 17th Century Word on a large billboard and she wants to be the only one on the Internet using it. If you search for her, lots of posts seem to honor that request. If you want to check out the word, check out her website, which she posted […]

Study Suggests That Online Searching Only Makes You Feel Smarter

While driving home recently I heard on NPR that online searching may make you think you’re smarter than you really are. Matthew Fisher, doctoral student in cognitive psychology at Yale, found that people tend to think that “information is leaking into our head, but really the information is stored somewhere else entirely.” Fisher surveyed hundreds […]

Explore Mars, the moon, and the skies

For nearly fifty years, people have attempted to send spacecraft to Mars. During the 1950s and 60s, an increasing preoccupation with the future and technology helped transform America’s outlook, as well as its conception of itself, as if seen anew from space. Even though by the beginning of the 21st century, only ten missions out […]

What Do Digital Scrapbooking, Social Media, Identifying Outliers have in Common?

They are elements that are a part of various hands-on practice and discussions designed to help you strengthen your research skills during Intersession (register by December 14th if you’re interested). Whether mixing up social media & George Peabody Library collections; learning more about special collections; or how to strengthen research library research skills there is […]

Got the PDF organization blues? If so…we’ve got some help

If you’re writing and researching, you probably have faced a common problem – how to best organize the articles you’re reading and what to use when creating bibliographies and formatting research papers. Finding articles has become quite easy through online library databases, like IEEE Xplore, SciFinder Scholar, PubMed, and even Google Scholar. Now that you […]