Frequently, questions arise about the availability of Harvard Business Review (HBR) articles and Harvard Business School (HBS) case studies – and about the difference between the two.  So, here’s the scoop:

HBR Articles

You have them! Full-image articles since 1922 from Harvard Business Review, the publication, are exclusively available in the library’s database called Business Source Complete. Despite the publisher’s copyright notice within Harvard Business Review articles, the university pays for the additional rights that enable faculty and students to use them for course-related purposes and individual research.

HBS Cases

The case study section of Harvard Business Review usually differs from the independently published case studies listed in the case collection on Harvard Business School’s website. Don’t be misled by the site’s reference to “Harvard Business Review”—a common cause of confusion!

Although some library resources contain case studies, the Sheridan Libraries is unable to provide or borrow/lend individual case studies published by Harvard and other business schools or organizations. Faculty and students may search for and obtain specific case studies directly from the publishers, or from Harvard Business School for selected institutions. Students can access assigned cases for their course through the particular arrangement that the professor established with the publisher.

Please view the case studies page of the business research guide for more information.

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