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Includes librarian recommended reading for fun and research

Transforming Summer Reading: Graphic Novel Adaptations of Literary Classics

It’s summer, and you’re thinking to yourself how you’d really like to catch up on reading some classic works of fiction, but, hey, maybe you’re also thinking how you’d also really like to read something, how shall we say, a … Continue reading

Nuclear War and Fiction

In light of Summer Reading Season as well as the upcoming adaptation* of another story about what might happen after a nuclear conflict, let’s look at some of the novels and fictional movies that are based on effects of nuclear … Continue reading

Red Sorghum: a Novel of China by Mo Yan

Finally, school is over. As you prepare for your dream vacation, why not pick up a book or a film from the library? Our McNaughton Collection, located at the entrance of M Level of MSE Library, features the latest popular … Continue reading

Walking Back in Time

Charles Carroll, Jr. of Homewood (1775-1825), like many gentlemen of his time, was caught up in the excitement of current horticultural developments. He experimented with new varieties of plants, grafted roses, designed vegetable gardens, and planted an orchard at Homewood. … Continue reading

Annual Reviews Comes to the Rescue!

Ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of information you get when researching for that big term paper? Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could summarize the existing scholarship for you so that you could get a quick grasp on what … Continue reading

Two centuries of songs

Strike up the band! The Sheridan Libraries are happy to announce a major upgrade of our popular Levy Sheet Music Digital Collection. While the content is the same as in the previous version, we have redesigned its user interface to … Continue reading

Shakespeare’s Birthday

William Shakespeare, poet and playwright, was baptized on April 26th, 1564, in Stratford-Upon-Avon. Since his actual date of birth is not known, his birthday is traditionally celebrated on April 23rd, which is ironically the date that he died in 1616. Shakespeare … Continue reading

WebWise 2013

This year as usual, just before the end of winter, Baltimore hosted the WebWise Conference. Held under the aegis of the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and also sponsored by the Roy Rozenzweig Center for History and New Media, the … Continue reading

Like Christmas, Except it’s Warmer

While the Cherry Blossom Festival may signal spring in Washington, we Baltimoreans know when spring really begins–opening day at Camden Yards! That’s right, today at 3:05 pm, the Orioles open their home season versus the Minnesota Twins. This is the … Continue reading

The Year of Three Popes

The last time a pope resigned was in 1415, almost 600 years ago when Gregory XII stepped down. Papal resignations are rare – almost as rare is a Year of Three Popes. My freshman year at JHU, 1978, was the … Continue reading