Where the Visual Meets the Verbal: Letters as Art

The Sheridan Libraries’ significant avant-garde collections hold some real gems; among them is one of the most important collections in North America of the mid-20th century French movement of Lettrisme. We have been adding to our lettriste holdings over the past several years and now have an important collection, including the movement’s periodicals and books. […]

What the {em#&quo}?

Ever since the dawn of the Internet, computers have had a hard time dealing with words with diacritics, or accents. Even today, you may see text online with odd characters like # or {} or &em or ?@¬†in the space where an accented letter should appear. Catalogs, indexes, programs of all kinds, handle accents in […]

Wonderland is just outside Baltimore

Anyone with a car, a friend with a car, or access to a Zipcar can explore an outdoor version of Alice’s Wonderland just north of Baltimore. The Ladew Topiary Gardens is one of the hidden delights of the Baltimore area. During any season of the year, you can relax as you walk through the many […]

Where is your Fiction Section?

We hear this question a lot at the Information Desk. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer, right? Well, the simple answer to this one is basically – we don’t have one. Or rather, we don’t have ONE. In fact, there are many places in the Eisenhower Library to find fiction. You can start […]

When Librarians Gather

Several years ago, there was an amusing video making the rounds (well, it was amusing to librarians anyway), that was a parody of the then popular film March of the Penguins. It was a light-hearted look at a twice-yearly librarian ritual – the American Library Association (or ALA) conferences. Yes, twice a year, librarians from […]

French Pamphlet Project

The following was written by Jena Whitaker, a 3rd year graduate student in the French section of the German and Romance Languages department. Jena was hired to inventory JHU’s holdings in rare and ephemeral pamphlets from the French Revolution. This year, the Sheridan Libraries of Johns Hopkins University have been partnering with a consortium of […]

Bibliography: it’s not for the faint of heart. Part One

When you hear the word “bibliography,” what comes to mind? A dreaded assignment in an English class? The very last, incredibly annoying and frustrating thing you have to do before you turn in a paper? Those fears can be solved by using RefWorks, during the research and writing phases of your assignments. You can create […]

Food Glorious Food

You may not think of cookbooks when you think of the Sheridan Libraries. While we might not have the current bestsellers that you’ll find at the public library, we do have an interesting and eclectic collection of cookbooks from years gone by – yesterday’s bestsellers some of them. From as early as the 16th century […]

Summer in the Library

I’m always amused by my grad students who ask me each May – what are you doing this summer? Working of course! You may be lighting out for the territory¬†– heading home, off to Europe, Asia, or Latin America, or working someplace exotic. But the library staff will be here in order to make the […]

The Further Adventures of the Digital Humanities

We told you last year about the hot, new field in humanities research, the Digital Humanities, or DH for short. Well, in the past 12 months, it hasn’t cooled off in the least! Sessions on DH at this year’s MLA Convention were packed, sometimes overflowing. And several new books have come out that provide rich […]