I’m always amused by my grad students who ask me each May – what are you doing this summer? Working of course! You may be lighting out for the territory – heading home, off to Europe, Asia, or Latin America, or working someplace exotic. But the library staff will be here in order to make the coming academic year a successful one for you all.

What are we doing while you’re vacationing? Here are a few projects for this summer:

  • Tweaking the online catalog. Systems is working with other librarians to make your search even better. Look for clearer onscreen information and more ways to refine your results.
  • Relocating the reference books to A Level, and elsewhere – so you have more space on M Level!
  • Revamping our research guides. They’re great already, but online information needs constant updating.
  • Getting reserves material ready for fall. Faculty submit lists all summer, and our staff works diligently to have everything online or lined up for the start of the semester.
  • Analyzing user data, to make informed decisions about library space use, our Information Desk services, the online catalog and article search, and other services.

So enjoy your summer! And rest assured that a team of experts is working behind the scenes to keep the library humming along. Drop us a line, or send us a question – we’ll be here to respond!

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