The Raven’s Shadow

January 19th marks the 202nd birthday of one of our most beloved national—and local—literary figures, Edgar Allan Poe.  Poe is as widely known today for his bad reputation (“alcoholic madman […]

The Crisis!

Where would the African-American community be today without the mass-market magazines that developed in the late nineteenth century? Through articles, stories, letters, opinion pieces, pictures and advertisements, inexpensive magazines gave African-American […]

African Writers

When the discipline of English was formed in the 19th century, to promote a sense of national belonging, literary studies were organized along national lines. Literature in English meant, first and […]

Thank You W. S. Merwin

For many years of wonderful poetry! The U.S. national poet laureate for 2010-2011—technically, the “Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry”—was appointed in July by the Librarian of Congress. It is William Stanley Merwin, who […]