Beyond Mad Men

Once again, we Americans are in love with our recent past. For several decades, we’ve been recycling the fashions of our parents. (Even, yes, the fashions of the 1980s.) And for about that […]

Name That Text

What canonical American author penned the following lines, and what is the story called? The other day, having a leisure hour at my disposal, I stept into a new museum, […]

Vote for Haiku!

JHU students, Faculty, staff, alumni, friends: vote for haiku! Choose your favorite In each sweet category, Plus one best in show. Your friends and colleagues have written such cool poems– […]

Haiku You, JHU

It’s April, showers and all. If your month’s to-do list feels somewhat strained in its range— Attend many classes, write many papers, take many exams. Figure out what to think/feel about […]