JHU students,
Faculty, staff, alumni,
friends: vote for haiku!

Choose your favorite
In each sweet category,
Plus one best in show.

Your friends and colleagues
have written such cool poems–
funny, sad, thoughtful.

Haiku about spring,
Baltimore, Blue Jays, science,
Earth Day, humor, and

Poems about our good old
library, of course,

And haiku about
Japan, which is in our thoughts.
(In Japanese, that’s

wa anatatachi no koto
o omotte iru.”)

So, please don’t delay!
Voting ends at 12 p.m.
April 22.

Winning poems on
each topic will be read, at
5 p.m. that day

At the Undergrad
Reading Series on the steps
of Eisenhower.

Thank you!

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