Johns Hopkins Blue Jay JohnCon Super HeroPaintball, magic, tournaments, laser tag, comedy — where can you get all of this at the same event? That would be JohnCon (April 14-16)!

JohnCon is the annual convention of JHU’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Association (HopSFA). It’s held in Levering Hall from Friday evening to Sunday evening, with NO stops. None. These people are serious.

As the schedule tells us, events also include words like “melee,” “red dragon,” and “pandemic”; just the kinds of activities you need to challenge your brain with something OTHER than problem sets. Of course you can come for the anime and the games, too.

The encouraged entrance fee is $10, but you may pay as much or as little as you wish (attention: paying more = getting good stuff). And don’t miss the app!

By the way, your library does have anime (perhaps you need a critical introduction to it?). And here, have some e-books about Anime Studio.Enjoy this year’s JohnCon!

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