Yes, this is news worth shouting. Prepare for the non-stop extravaganza that will be JohnCon 2015 (April 10-12).

JohnCon is the annual convention of JHU’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Association (HopSFA). It’s held in Levering Hall, continuously from Friday evening until Sunday evening.

As the schedule says, the board games go on for 48 hours in the Great Hall. Also listed are anime, laser tag, panels, and some special events, including:

  • +2Comedy – they specialize in nerd comedy and were a big hit at last year’s con
  • A sci-fi/fantasy musical performance by author and performer Danny Birt

The encouraged entrance fee is $10, but you may pay whatever you wish (attention: paying more = getting good stuff).

By the way, your library has anime; here are the latest anime additions to our book collection (oh, look, we have Manga Studio 5 Beginner’s Guide) and our films.

Here’s the easy way to find science fiction movies in the library catalog:

For more specific topics, enter your search word and add the word drama (again, it’s always a good idea to add FORMAT –>DVD just to make sure that your list is only movies):

Enjoy this year’s JohnCon!

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