thumbtacksThere is a Suggestion Board on Eisenhower Library’s M Level, across from the elevators. This board used to be a treasure house of good questions/suggestions from you, and witty replies from a department head who tended the board as if it were a beautiful garden. Sadly, after she retired, the M Board gradually became neglected, as sometimes happens.

These days, of course, you can contact the library in many different ways:

But even if suggestion boards aren’t needed as much as they used to be, it’s still very satisfying to express yourself by writing (or drawing!) on a piece of paper, and seeing your note posted along with the answer. (The notes are anonymous, but YOU know it’s yours.)

Please do write down your suggestions and put them in the M or C suggestion box (where we even supply attractive note paper). A suggestion board is one more way of communicating with us so that we can fix the problem, answer your question, or explore your suggestion.

There is also a suggestion board on C Level, should it be more convenient for you to write your thoughts there. (The C Board is currently showing a display of Gems from the Past. Over the years, you Hopkins students have demonstrated incredible skills in descriptive writing, creativity, and drawing. Bravo to all of you.)

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