We recently received a question in the Suggestion Box, asking how students can receive alerts to tables of contents of favorite journals as they’re released. This is a great question, as search alerts save you time—no need for you to remember to check those journals—and keep you updated. Check out our Search Alerts and RSS guide, and if you have any questions about particular databases or journals that the guide doesn’t answer, please Ask a Librarian.

2 thoughts on “Keeping Current with Research

  1. Thanks Anonymous! We’ve got Project Muse in our Examples list on the sidebar but we realize we can’t maintain an exhaustive list so provide examples from Engineering, Science, Humanities, and Social Sciences. We encourage patrons to check their favorite databases/journal providers for alerting and feed services.
    Ellen Keith
    Reference Services Coordinator

  2. Project MUSE provides eTOC (emailed tables of contents) and RSS, as does University of Chicago Press, and MLA (or PMLA and Profession). The latter two are very similar in their setup: You have to set up a free account with your email address, then select which journals you want eTOC alerts for.

    These should be added to the Search Alerts and RSS guide.

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