Still casting about for a Halloween costume? How about paying homage to something you read that sent shivers up your spine? A few suggestions:

  • Shakespeare is always a great source. Banquo’s ghost, the weird sisters, Lady Macbeth after the murder, Hamlet’s father, the drowned Ophelia–all are classics. If you need visual inspiration, search these characters in ARTstor to see how artists have represented them.
  • Charles Dickens wrote some of the coolest ghosts. Check out Arthur Rackham’s drawings of Marley and the Christmas spirits in the Internet Archives’ digitized A Christmas Carol.
  • How about the headless horseman in the Legend of Sleepy Hollow? Or, check out the 1999 film version for  post-trick-or-treat viewing with friends.
  • Last, but not least–Edgar Allan Poe. Start with the Roger Corman movies for ideas. You can even build a theme party around many of his stories, like my personal favorite, The Masque of the Red Death, or the Fall of the House of Usher.

If you take the literary path this Halloween, send us a picture and we’ll feature it in a future blog!


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