If you’ve been on M Level of the library lately, walking to the printing room or on your way over to BroCo, you may have noticed that the enormous wall of books near the printing room looks suddenly more colorful. It’s not your imagination: we changed the books that are on the shelf. Yup, we did. From a monotone, pale-brown set of literary criticism volumes that no one ever used, to an assortment of dictionaries, handbooks, and encyclopedias of every color. And, we did it not just to make it prettier – but more useful! (Although it is prettier.)

The new and improved Reference Wall now has great reference books on almost every topic! From political science to medicine to history to anthropology. We’ve got economics and art, music and educationanatomy and philosophy. And, possibly the most important of all: foreign language dictionaries. It is now a multidisciplinary treasure trove for all (well, almost all) of your fast-fact-finding needs.


Please note: since we’re still transitioning M Level Reference from the Reference Stacks (farther down, toward the BLC) to the Reference Wall, books that have an M Level Reference call number may be in either location. If you can’t find something, just ask at the Info Desk.

And don’t worry, we still have all of our research databases, online encyclopedias and dictionaries, and our research guides.  You can still ask a real live human for help at the Info Desk and the Reference Librarian Office – or via email, chat, text, Twitter, and FaceBook. But, now there’s a really useful, eclectic selection of good ol’ fashioned printed books, just like librarians in the days of yore used. You should take a look – they’re very cool. Really, they are.

4 thoughts on “Hey…Something Looks Different

  1. Hi Kathleen! I know, I personally LOVE that set of Literary Criticism and I used them extensively when I was an undergrad back in the Ice Age (smile). But, our literary criticism databases cover all that material and much more, so the set really was obsolete in light of other things we have. But, you’ll be happy to know that we donated a large portion of the volumes to a community college library and another portion to a high school – both will use them well! So, not all is lost. Thanks for the comment, and for reading our Blog!

  2. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me! Congratulations on all this hard work! It’s well worth it.

  3. Hey! I used those monotone, pale-brown set of literary criticism volumes throughout my undergrad years. OK, it was before the WWW was accessible, but HEY!

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