Starting tomorrow, July 16, demolition work begins on the concrete retaining wall at the south end of the Eisenhower Library. Seen here at the bottom of the image, the semicircular wall needs to be removed in order for the installation of shoring, which will allow for the new foundations and structure for the building’s footprint. This demolition work will be ongoing for the next several weeks.

As a reminder, construction work typically takes place between 7 am and 3 pm, Monday through Friday. The sound partitions that were installed on all levels last month (shown during the installation processĀ in the above photo) will help mitigate some of the noise associated with the demolition work. But as U2’s the Edge would say: “it might get loud.”

Ear plugs will be available by request at the Circulation desk. And for those of you seeking a quieter spot: The Hutzler Reading Room opens on Monday, July 19 at 8 am. More info on hours to follow in the next post. Stay tuned.

As always, questions, comments, or suggestions concerning the construction can be sent to

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