Looking for a French-English dictionary? Need to look up a word in Arabic?  The MSE Library has multiple places where you can find foreign language dictionaries – to consult in the building, use online, or to check out and take home.

The General Reference section on M Level has historic dictionaries, as well as the most important bi-lingual (English and a foreign language) dictionaries.

Need to check one out? There are many dictionaries on D Level, in the Blue Label section, available for check out. Here are some useful call numbers:

  • PC: Romance languages
  • PF: Germanic languages
  • PG: Russian and Slavic languages
  • PJ: Middle East languages, including Arabic and Hebrew
  • PL: East Asian languages

And dictionaries are available for in-house consultation on study tables on the north end of D Level.

We also have a variety of online offerings in dictionaries. Oxford Reference Online is one example.

To locate dictionaries in the online catalog, here is a tip:

  • Choose Subjects–Library of Congress from the drop down menu.
  • Type in French language–Dictionaries–English (substitute the appropriate language)

And of course, you can always – consult a Librarian!

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