rco.JPGI’m referring to the M-Level Research Consultation Office in MSEL, or the RCO. Located behind the graduate student at our Info Desk is a room with a large window, where librarians are often seen sitting. Or reading. Or discussing library research with students and faculty.

The graduate students at our Info Desk are trained to help you with straight-forward questions. When they receive more involved questions, the Info Desk students refer you to us, and we try to help you with your library research. Think of our time in the RCO as our office hours.

But what do we do when we’re not actually answering a question? We generally take work with us, work that we’re happy to stop in order to answer your questions. Sometimes we’re reading book reviews or professional journals; there are also a lot of library and higher education blogs to keep up with. We catch up on email and update our schedules. Personally, I often bring along an issue of New Scientist to read.

Just remember that no matter how busy we look, we are in the RCO to be available to you. If you reach the end of your research rope, there is someone available who can help. Can’t come in person? Send us an e-mail!

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