As all you dedicated library blog readers know, we love SciFi (just take a look at the related posts listed below). If you share this passion, here are some tips to find good SciFi to read during break.

Finding Science Fiction

  • Go to the “more search options” page and in the Subject line, put “science fiction” (don’t forget the quotation marks)
  • Change the sort to Year if you want to see the newest stuff.

Uh-oh, more than 1,000 hits. Ah, there’s the problem — some of them are *about* sci fi and not sci fi itself. Let’s fix that: in the left column, click Topic. Now you can choose “science fiction,” “science fiction films,” “science fiction television programs” [now click More], “life on other planets,” and “human-alien encounters,” among others.

  • Make sure to click the Back button for each search, because the Topic list changes every time, depending on your results
  • If you want only books and not DVDs, click Format and then Book


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