At this time of year, many of us are looking forward to reading more relaxing things than what we’ve been reading all semester. Time to read for fun! But, how to find these “reads to savor” you ask? This is the first of several posts to help you do just that!

Biographies/Autobiographies of Actors and Actresses

Hollywood lives are fascinating! Here are some tips to find materials on the public figures in TV, Film and Theater that we love… or love to hate! (smile)

  • Go to the catalog’s “more search options” page
  • Put the words  biography and actors into the Subject line
  • Sort by Year to get the most recent ones first  (the default is Relevance)

Look! There are books by or about Angelina Jolie, Eddie Murphy, Betty White, Hugh Laurie, and Jane Lynch!

So enrich your well-deserved winter break and check out or download a book (or check out a Hopkins movie) just for the enjoyment of it. Keep looking for our “Reads to Savor” blog posts throughout intersession for more fun ideas!

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