We have two related databases whose names are very similar: Web of Knowledge and Web of Science. Together, they let you search across a large amount of literature. Below, learn what you can find in each, as well as their differences.

Web of Knowledge is the whole enchilada. There are several products folded into Web of Knowledge. When you click on Web of Knowledge we’ve decided to take you to a search screen that lets you search these databases:

All of these databases are listed separately in JHSearch, our database directory, so you can search just one at a time. There’s a Select a Database tab in Web of Knowledge that allows you to switch databases while you’re working and search them individually. We just moved BIOSIS Previews and Zoological Record onto this platform.

Web of Science is a database of several parts. It includes citation indexes that lets you track which articles cite other articles. It covers all disciplines and we just added conference proceedings back to 1990. The parts of Web of Science are:

  • Science Citation Index
  • Social Sciences Citation Index
  • Arts & Humanities Citation Index
  • Conference Proceedings Citation Index – Science
  • Conference Proceedings Citation Index – Social Science & Humanities.

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