SciVeeAfter reading a journal article, did you ever wish you could talk to the author? Or see their lab setup? While studying, did you ever wish for one of those Discovery Channel documentaries, just so you could go over the basics again?
Well, SciVee is a step in that direction. SciVee is the very cool brainchild of the National Science Foundation, Public Library of Science, and San Diego Supercomuter Center. They provide free online videos about science.
Some videos are educational, like this explanation of chloroplasts. Pubcasts feature an author discussing a published paper, like this pubcast about protein-protein binding sites. You can create an account that lets you rate and tag the videos. There are also channels, that group pubcasts associated with particular journals.
Consider submitting a pubcast about one of your published papers. I think JHU needs to be represented on SciVee!

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