Wow – during FY2011, NIH will spend about $276 million on research about food safety and $841 million on regenerative medicine!

And how did I just find out that NIH is funding research about immigrants and diabetes? Or that in Maryland, there are 159 projects that include research about alcohol use?

Welcome to RePORTER, an NIH database that allows you to search projects and export your data to Excel.

I like to start on this search page. Put in your search words, and choose other limits such as state or congressional district. You’ll get a list of project names, descriptions, organizations, and cost.

The Categorical Spending page will tell you how much has been spent on a particular disease, condition, or type of research; e.g., asthma. The funding amounts are links — click on them to get the list of projects in that category.

Here are more tips for using this great tool:

  • Table rows are organized alphabetically
  • To sort rows by funding amount, click on that column heading
  • To return to the alphabetical listing, click on the “Research/Disease Areas” column heading
  • You can export either the summary table or project listings to Excel

To read more about RePORTER and what it can do, see this article in the NIH Record.

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