The direct export from Scopus to RefWorks is working as the afternoon of 1/8.

Scopus and RefWorks are actively working on this problem. We’ll update this post when the Scopus export to RefWorks is working again.

In the meantime you can move references from Scopus to your RefWorks account using the indirect route. Once you’ve selected the references you want in Scopus, follow the below instructions (click image at right to expand):

  • click on output
  • in Export Format choose RIS format
  • click on Export
  • save the file on your computer.

Then, in your RefWorks account, follow the below steps (click image to expand):

  • click on References/Import
  • choose RIS Format for Import Filter/Data Source
  • choose Scopus for Database
  • use the Browse to find the file
  • click Import at the bottom of the screen.

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