Libraries have changed over the past 20 years thanks to the advent of the Internet. It allows us to have larger collections without running out of shelves and taking away valuable study space. Instead of having access to thousands of print journals, we instead purchase access to electronic journals (same thing, different format) and electronic databases that make it possible for you to find journal articles on topics related to your research (databases in specific subject areas).

Because we pay for access to this information, you need to use the links through the library’s website to be recognized as a Johns Hopkins University affiliate. While you might find the same publication through Google (Google Scholar can be customized to include the Find It link), you won’t be recognized as a subscriber. So, if you do find something on Google, search by title in our E-Journals page to see if we have a subscription, and then use the Find It link to connect yourself to the article or to Interlibrary Loan to obtain a copy for free if we don’t have the journal.

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